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Guinness World Records

Do try this at home! Tests how much you know about Guinness World Records and gives your opponents a chance to demonstrate some nifty record-breaking skills!

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Do try this at home! Demonstrate some nifty record-breaking skills to beat your opponents.

Answer questions about amazing Guinness World Records and race round the board to earn your challenge cards.

Skills involve spoon balancing, wearing the most pairs of socks, flipping a bottle of water and many more!

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Features & Benefits

  • 3 to 6 players
  • 8 years+
  • Cross the finish line with 3 challenge cards in your possession to be the winner!
  • Includes 600 GWR questions.
  • Some household objects required to complete the challenges, for example: Smartphone with stopwatch, 10 pairs of socks (minimum), 12 teaspoons, 25 coins etc.

© 2018 Guinness World Records Limited

Guinness World Records Product Video

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Guinness World Records Product Information

Age: 8 Years +
Batteries: N/A

© 2018 Guinness World Records Limited